Fatigue Management

BFM for drivers

Rojill Consulting offer Nationally Accredited Fatigue Management Training. We can help drivers identify and manage fatigue and provide information to assist heavy vehicle operators and drivers comply with legal working times and ensuring drivers have suitable rest periods.

Working and rest hours are regulated for drivers of heavy vehicles. Heavy vehicle operators now have a range of information and schemes available to assist them to manage this aspect of their operations.

Information on the regulations, work diaries, rest hours and fatigue management can be found on the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator website.

New fatigue laws, implemented in September 2008, set revised work and rest limits for heavy vehicle drivers and require better management of driver fatigue. The reform makes all parties in the supply chain legally responsible for preventing driver fatigue. It includes three work hours options, linked to safety, that you can choose from to suit your business.

The new laws are consistent with current obligations under Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) laws that also require employers and employees take all reasonably practicable steps to manage driver fatigue.

The reform changes the focus from regulating hours to managing fatigue. Working long hours and fighting your body clock at night is widely recognised as high risk. Operators and drivers who do the right thing by managing those risks through accreditation schemes will have a greater say in when they can work and rest.


BFM for supervisors


Further information can be found on the VicRoads website 

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