Site Evacuation/Warden Training

We offer Site Evacuation/Warden Training to ensure and maintain employee safety.  Different industries have different risks but typically each site will have a site evacuation plan. We can help you review or build your plan which will comply with Australian Standards. We can also assist you to identify hazardous materials, review first responders and coordinate site evacuations sessions.

Are your staff completely knowledgeable in their site’s written emergency response plan and their own roles and responsibilities?

Course Outline:

Our Site Evacuation/Warden Training courses are designed for workplaces who have an on-site Emergency Response Team.

We will work with you to tailor your annual emergency training requirements according to your site risks and procedures. We will work with your company to determine the frequency and types of site evacuation and warden training training appropriate to your workplace equipment and workplace risks.

Often Site Evacuation and Warden training continuation training sessions are run on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Upon a review of your training requirements, our personnel can determine the types of scenarios and training that your site may require.


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Ron was great to work with, explained things in a detailed and methodical way.  STEVE - NSW

Great dealing with such a professional organisation as Rojill Consulting. Fantastic learning experience for all staff involved.  Bernard Francis - OHS Manager