Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Employers have a duty of care to maintain a safe working environment for all their employees.

The use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace today is a real and significant risk that needs to be acknowledged. Not only is productivity affected with measurable decreases noted but safety is negatively affected.

Workplace Training Program

Rojill Consulting aims to help reduce alcohol and other drug-related dangers in the workplace by  supporting management and staff in running a Workplace training program. This program is specifically designed for employees and works through understanding your particular company’s policies on alcohol and drugs whilst dispelling any myths whilst learning new facts.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

We can arrange for a regular drug and alcohol testing program to be put in place. You decide on the frequency and location. All tests follow the Standard protocol for drug and alcohol testing and privacy and confidentiality is kept at all times.




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Ron was great to work with, explained things in a detailed and methodical way.  STEVE - NSW

Great dealing with such a professional organisation as Rojill Consulting. Fantastic learning experience for all staff involved.  Bernard Francis - OHS Manager